Busia LCV Chairperson Orders Contractor to Redo Maternity Ward

The LCV Chairperson Busia has ordered Suleigh Engineering Works Limited to redo the Maternity ward at Bulumbi Health Center III over shoddy work.

The building has several defects like cracks on the wall, veranda and floor. Construction of the 300 Million Shillings maternity ward started in July 2020 and was supposed to end by July 2021.  It was funded by the Ministry of Health under maternal health and child care services.

Mugeni says that they were surprised to find that the building has developed several defects even before it is completed.

Cue in: …………. Mugeni

Steven Mayende Odero, the District Councilor for Bulumbi Sub County says that the contractor had at first abandoned the site for four months at the beam level.

Cue in: ………… Steven Mayende

Ismael Wesonga, the LCIII Chairperson Bulumbi Sub County says that they severally tried to ask for the maternity ward bill of quantity from the contractor in vain.

He says that the delay to complete the ward is having a toll on the health centre. Wesonga explains that some women are turned away due to the high number of people who need services.

Cue in: ………. Ismael Wesonga

Dr Mathias Wabwire Panyako, the Busia District Health Officer-DHO says that every month the facility registers 40 to 50 expectant mothers who turn up for antenatal services.

Once completed, the health facility will have enough space to accommodate expectant mothers who go for antenatal health services.

Sylvester Egesa, the assistant Busia District Engineer says that they have asked the contractor to rectify the defects.

Jonathan Wafula, the project site supervisor from Suleigh Engineering Ltd attributed the defects to a lack of good construction materials in the area. He says that they will rectify the defects.


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