Construct Pit Latrines, Busia Municipality Mayor Warns Landlords

Sadiki Amin the Busia municipality Mayor has warned landlords to construct pit-latrines for their Tenants in order to avoid open defections. He says that most of the rental houses in Busia have no latrines which forces the tenants to have no option but scatter feces wherever they see, he says that during rainy season like its water flows all over the town collecting germs hence the outbreak of several diseases like cholera in the area.

He said this on Tuesday morning while mobilizing residents to stay at their homes for massive cholera vaccination which started on Monday 6/9/2021 with the health workers moving from door to door vaccinating.

With poor hygiene, Amin blasts Busia police station for not minding about the sanitation around their headquarter sighting out the area near their gate just on the roadside, he threatened to put a complaint in case they fail to react positively claiming that the situation is more worse compared to other places in town especially along the UNRA channel, Amin adds that police must be the ones arresting people but this time he is willing to use residents to arrest police if it’s the only way to fighting cholera in Town.



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