Delayed Completion of Health Centers Irks Bududa Residents

The delayed completion of Bunamono and Bubungi health facilities in Bushiribo and Bunabutiti sub-counties in Bududa district has irked residents. In 2019, the Ministry of Health constructed Geomax engineering company and Specious Projects Uganda Limited to upgrade the two health facilities from health center II’s to health center III’s.

The projects valued at Shillings 642million and Shillings 467 million respectively were expected to last for eight months up to completion. The scope of work comprised the construction of a maternity ward, a three-stanza pit latrine, medical sink, placenta pit, and staff house.

Bubungi health facility, which is at the completion stage has cracked floors, and a leaking roof while Bunamono health facility is at roofing level where it has stalled for two years. Amina Wambewo, a mother, says that they were excited at the time the construction works started thinking that they would get better services.

She, however, says that the status quo has remained almost two years after. She asked the district leadership to intervene since they need services as mothers. Simon Pateli, another resident, said that by now the two facilities would have been completed but they are wondering why they have been abandoned.

He said that he used a lot of money to transport his wife for delivery, which angered him because the health facility would have provided those services. Zerupa Namono, another resident said that have resorted to traditional birth attendants since antenatal services are missing at Bunamono health center II putting the lives of mothers at risk.

She said they now trek over 10 kilometers to Bududa hospital to seek antenatal services.  Peace Nakuti, the Bushiro and Bunatsami sub-county LC 5 councilor wondered why the government has continued to award contracts to companies, which lack the capacity to deliver.

Godfrey Nambale, the Bududa District Assistant Health Officer said it is unfortunate that the government gave them money to recruit staff in those facilities and they have already done so but the contractors have let them down by not completing the facilities.

Milton Kamoti Wasunguyi, the Bududa district LC V chairperson, said that they have called for a meeting with the contractors to find out the exact problem. He said this is hampering service delivery to the people of Bududa district.

Issac Mukobe, the managing director of spacious projects Uganda limited, and Simon Peter Zanga, the project supervisor of Geomax Company limited, said that they are waiting for the money from the Ministry of Health so that they can continue with the works since they are financially constrained.

source: URN


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