Man Gored By Own Bull To Death

A bull has gored a man to death in Bududa district. The deceased only identified as Wandeme is a resident of Bunaporo parish in Bukigai Sub County, Bududa District.

Wandeme met his death on Wednesday afternoon while attempting to force the bull back in its kraal after breaking out forcefully.

According to witnesses, the bull turned rowdy and gored him using its sharp horns to tear through his stomach when he attempted to beat it.

His intestines fall out. He was rushed to Mbale Regional Referral Hospital where he breathed his last. Peter Wanda, an eyewitness says that he couldn’t rescue the deceased at the time of the incident because he was alone and scared.

He says that Wandeme cried for help but the bull could not leave him until he could not cry anymore.

James Kutosi, one of the residents blamed the incident on the practice by the residents to feed their bulls opium so that they can fight.

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Bududa district. According to Kutosi, most farmers who want their bulls to fight feed them opium, which later disorganizes their brains.

Constant Matukhu, the chairperson of Namasho Bullfighting ground has asked all residents to learn from the incident and desist from being at close range with fighting bulls like they always do during bullfights.

Felix Odongo the Bududa District Production Officer has asked farmers not to be too close to animals while grazing, saying they easily change temperament.


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