Busia boda-boda leadership candidates threaten to sue Union for rejecting their candidacy.

The National Association of Drivers, Cyclists and Co-operatives (NUDCAW) has fired three candidates for the chairmanship of the Boda-boda Riders for Busia District riders for lack of valid driving licenses.

Joseph Ojambo and Moses Wanjala Oundo were vying for the district chairmanship while Benard Mukisa and Isaac Samanya were vying for the outgoing chairman of George William Byansi of Busia Municipality.

The coalition removed Isac Samanya and George Byansi William, who were vying for the chairmanship in Busia Municipality and Moses Wanjala Oundo, the district chairman. They were reported to be missing a valid ‘A’ grade permit which was part of the requirements for participants.

Moses Baleka, NUDCAW secretary general, says the participants instead submitted an unlicensed student driving permit.

He says as a union they cannot allow anyone without credentials to lead others.

According to Baleka, Joseph Ojambo and Benard Mukisa have been declared the winners of the District Riders’ Chairmen and Busia Municipality respectively after remaining unopposed.

The outgoing Boda-boda leadership expired in December last year and the election of new leaders including District and municipality leaders was scheduled for January 30, 2022.

Joseph Ojambo, who was declared the winner of the boda-boda seat in Busia district, has promised to unite bodaboda operators and develop the industry by raising funds from various organizations within the district.

Benard Mukisa, the winner of Busia Municipality says he will work hand in hand with security officials to reduce arrests and thefts of motorcycles in the area.

Meanwhile, Moses Wanjala Oundo and George Byansi William, who did not qualify for the race, said the union’s decision to expel them was unfair.

They want the district resident commissioner’s office to intervene by holding a transparent general election for the Boda-boda leadership immediately or else they are ready to sue the coalition.


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