Village Chairperson Impersonator Arrested in Busia

Police in Busia district have arrested a man for masquerading as a village chairperson.

The suspect has been identified as Ekisa Philip, a resident of Alupe village, Mawero parish in Buteba sub-county. He is accused of disguising as the Alupe village chairman, forming his village committee and forging the office stamp.

It’s reported that the suspect has caused confusion among residents in the village for the last three years since 2018 after the local council one-L.C.1 general elections when he declined to step down for his rival Sam Sihaire who was declared a winner by the electoral commission.

Ekisa Philip contested on national resistance movement-NRM party ticket but lost to Independence Sam Sihaire with the vote difference of 203 against 204.

Fazira Kayinza, James Wambwa and Augustine Okau among other residents say that it was long overdue for police to take action against the impersonator, sustaining confusion on who the rightful village chairperson is.

Cue in: ……….. Residents

Sam Sihaire, the L.C.1 chairman Alupe village says that the suspect has been using his illegal stamps to clear Kenyans to illegally buy land in the area and also mobilizing hooligans from neighboring villages to cause chaos.

Sihaire says that the decision by police will enable residents in the village to know the truth about the village leadership.

Cue in: ………… Sihaire

Philip Ekisa, the accused, insists that is the rightful village chairman because he won the election that was conducted during day time.

Ekisa asked relevant authorities to consult the electorates in the village about his leadership victory.

Cue in: …………. Ekisa

SP, Didas Byaruhanga, the Busia district police commander confirmed the arrest and said that they are going to take the case file to the Resident State Antony- RSA for perusal and advice.

The suspect will be taken to court and be charged with impersonation. The suspect still in custody at Busia central police station by the time of filling this story.


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